Erin King

Visual Designer

Master of Science. University of Colorado | Museum & Field Studies, AOE: Evolutionary Zoology

Bachelor of Fine Arts. Texas Tech University | Studio Art & Design Communication

Erin is an award-winning illustrator, seasoned naturalist, and “up for anywhere/anything/anytime” kind of traveler. Originally from the flatlands of West Texas, she spent the long desert days of her youth making art, catching horny toads, chasing sunsets, and exploring desolate backroads in questionably reliable vehicles – all experiences she enjoys reliving through her work at Where There Be Dragons.

Raised by a family of school teachers, oil-field workers, artists, farmers & ranchers, she is naturally driven to share knowledge both inside and outside of the classroom. Formally, she’s taught courses in human anatomy, comparative zoology, and scientific illustration. Experientially, she’s worked a summer-long field school program; served as a natural history interpreter; led multiple workshops in the arts; has taught countless folks how to milk a goat, and is always up for helping someone learn how to drive a stick shift.

She’s spent time abroad in Africa, Asia,  Australia, and Europe, but deems the 10-months she lived out of a van while traveling through North and Central America as what gave her the greatest sense of perspective and connection – not to mention confidence in car engine repairs.

Currently, she lives in a quirky little mountain town near Boulder, Colorado with her two partners in crime….a three-legged dog called Oddly and her four-eyed husband named Rob.