Elley Cannon

Jordan Course Director

Tufts University, BA in Arabic and Int’l Letters and Visual Studies
Fellow with Center for Arabic Studies Abroad, American University in Cairo 2011-2012

Originally from a small town in the redwoods of northern California, Elley grew up aching to explore the world. During her undergraduate education at Tufts, she spent a semester studying in Egypt and another in Spain, followed by two months backpacking around Europe. Enamored with the Arabic language, she translated an Arabic novel by Moroccan author Rachid Nini into English as her senior honors thesis at Tufts.

After graduation, Elley was awarded a fellowship from the Center for Arabic Studies Abroad (CASA) to spend a full year in Egypt studying Arabic intensively. After Egypt, she moved to Jordan to work for Middlebury College’s school abroad in Amman. She lived in Jordan for two years, and now calls both Amman and the Bay Area home. Her time abroad has allowed her to travel a great deal, and in the Middle East alone she has traveled to Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, and Israel/Palestine. The summer of 2016 will be her third summer working for Dragons in Jordan, and her second as Course Director. She’s pretty sure that working for Dragons is the most rewarding job she’s ever done.

When she’s not telling funny and ridiculous stories, Elley loves hiking, swimming, dancing, cooking, and compassionate communication. Her ideal day consists of exploring lesser known parts of Jordan and then cooking a big meal with friends.