Ei Shwe Sin

Myanmar Instructor

Ei Shwe Sin has been working as an educator and a community organizer for 10 years. She works with youth for community development, raising political awareness, and on empowerment programs in non-government sectors. She loves teaching leadership, social conflicts and political history of Myanmar. She enjoys being with youth because they are the most passionate, adventurous, and empathetic human beings.

Her earliest memories are all about traveling. She travelled all over Myanmar and neighboring countries. She has done service projects and volunteer works in the Philippines and Kazakhstan. However, she believes that she learned more than what she provided. Ei Shwe Sin values the incredible cultures, lovely customs and philosophy of life in these places so different than her home.

She was inspired to be a teacher when she was only 16, growing up in a monastic school in Mandalay. From her calling at an early age she has developed into an educator that uses tools from all areas of educational pedagogy. In the last few years she has participated regularly in advocacy projects centered on teaching educational methodologies in monastic schools all around Myanmar. The goal was to challenge mainstream didactic memorization education. Her class were filmed to showcase to hundreds of teacher training participants, and it was awarded Best 2013 documentary in the Yangon Film Festival.

In 2012, Ei Shwe Sin co-founded Myanmar Debate Education Society to use debate as a tool for social change. Her team organizes national debate tournaments, regional tournaments and delivers trainings in different parts of Myanmar. Most recently, she started a university foundation for youth in Mandalay to participate in foreign exchange programs.