Duth Kimsru

Southeast Asia Instructor

Kimsru Duth
Cambodian Instructor
B.A. Philosophy, Politics and Economic, Asian University for Women (Bangladesh)
M.A. International Development, Environment and Conflict¬¬

Kimsru worked with PEPY for three years as Dream Management Coordinator and later promoted to be Program Manager. Kimsru worked closely with her team to empower young Cambodians to dream big and become role models for their communities through dream and youth empowerment classes.

Kimsru was selected to join Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) program in Montana and Washington D.C, USA, the YSEALI Submit in Malaysia and YSEALI TIES in Thailand. She met with many young emerging leaders from all around the world to discuss about common challenges and proposed sustainable solutions.

Education has made a difference in her life; hence Kimsru strongly believes that it does the same for others. While inspiring students to work hard for higher education, Kimsru never forgets about her own goal of completing a graduate degree in her own field of interest. Her dream is to be a positive social change maker in Cambodia. Through access to better quality of education, young Cambodians will have better quality of lives.

Kimsru loves biking or riding scooter around rural Cambodia and traveling the world! Sit and relax with a few sips of sugarcane juice, fresh coconut water or fruit shake. Typical Cambodian hot pot is her favorite dish. Cambodian bugs are amazing, but she only likes to introduce other people to taste them.