Devin Perno

Indonesia Instructor

Bachelors in Environmental Science, Minors in Geology and Geography, CU-Boulder

A native to the sunny state of Colorado, Devin grew up exploring the outdoors and adventuring the Rocky Mountains on numerous camping, hiking, and climbing trips. This passion to be in the environment led Devin to a desire to study more of the natural world. After graduating and exploring numerous job opportunities, he found himself working on an orchard in a remote part of Kauai. When the seasons changed, Devin moved to his first outdoor guiding job taking people hiking, kayaking, and ziplining through the lush jungles of the island.

This experience sparked a motivation to continue to travel and explore more of what the world had to offer. With no initial foreign language skills, Devin accepted a job in a remote part of China guiding students on experiential education trips. His passion for Asia grew as he developed his skills and took on a role as Community Service Coordinator. The experiences he found here allowed him to further explore the world and travel to many places for both work and pleasure.

For over six years Devin has been educating students across continents and leading outdoor programs, community service programs, and adventure guiding. He is currently living amongst the Karst landscape in Yangshuo, China. When he is not working he is usually hiking, climbing, practicing his Chinese, or playing guitar.