Chris Koski

Latin America Instructor

B.S. in Business Administration

Chris grew up in the countryside on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in northern Colorado. He remembers the days before the Internet when a kid with little else to do had to simply spend his time outside in the garden or the trees with birds and bees. His parents, both involved with the university’s horticulture program, instilled a sense of reverence for nature and the earth’s ability to feed the body and soul. Chris spent his university years studying real estate and finance; practical and useful in a business sense, but ultimately he hoped one day to make a life and a living studying the cultures of the world; getting a taste of these through various study abroad programs. Seeing first hand the impact on a young person abroad he began to search for ways to work with and educate students. With this thought in mind he set off backpacking for a year in Australia, next to cover nearly all of Latin America volunteering with various social and wildlife conservation organizations in the Andean region. He has worked in the tourism and the student travel industries in various capacities for several years specifically in Peru and Bolivia. Lately he has been exploring the vast coastlines and deepest corners of the African continent, but is absolutely excited to be return to Bolivia. When not leading groups he can be found in California, Germany, Kenya or anywhere in between with his journal or guitar in hand.