Carin Usrey

Associate Director of Admissions
B.A. in Sociology & French, University of Virginia
M. Ed. in College Student Development & Counseling, Virginia Commonwealth University


As the daughter of a Foreign Service officer, Carin had the privilege of learning the transformative power that an extended international experience can have early on in her life. She got her first passport at three months old and spent the first half of her life living abroad in Bilbao, Spain, Panama City, Panama, and Rabat, Morocco. During these immersive intercultural experiences, Carin developed a passion for connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds at a personal level, and delving deeper into the stories and people that shape others’ understanding of and sense of mission in the world.


As a result of these formative interactions and further international adventures studying and working abroad in and after college, Carin came to recognize global education and experiential learning as essential tools in transforming individuals into more self-aware, adaptable citizens who have a greater capacity to effectively engage in and positively contribute to our interconnected global society.  This is what drew her into the field of international education initially and continues to inform the work she does for Dragons today.


Carin joins the Dragons admin team in Boulder after spending four years working at a university outside of Washington, D.C. where she assisted college students in making the most of the international education opportunities available to them. In her free time, Carin likes to run, paint, spend time outside and be creative in the kitchen.