Cam Skinner

Rwanda and Senegal Instructor

B.A. English, Tufts University
M.A. International Education, New York University

After serving with the Peace Corps in Rwanda, Cam moved to Aspen, CO in 2014 to work as a private educator. After about two years in Aspen, he moved to the Boulder area where he joined the Dragons team and instructed his first summer course in Rwanda. Since first instructing with Dragons, he has completed his Master’s degree, focusing on education in post-conflict zones in East and Central Africa. Now he is excited to pivot towards instructing with Dragons in West Africa!

Over the course of his time with people from all walks of life all around the world, Cam has developed a deep interest in exploring the political, social, and economic mechanisms that hold societies together, and adversely, tear societies apart. When he isn’t busy racking his brain to solve wicked problems, he enjoys the outdoors with his wife, Dardoh, and plays fetch with his dog, Hank. Sometimes he has been known to strum a guitar, hum a tune, read essays, write essays, throw pottery, oil paint, charcoal draw, and play sports too.