Britten Ferguson

Latin America Instructor

B.A. Business Administration (Marketing), Certificate of International Studies in Business – Foster School of Business, University of Washington
Spanish Minor – University of Washington

Born and raised in rural eastern Washington, Britten always dreamed of exploring beyond the boundaries of his small community and eventually did when he studied abroad in Cadiz, Spain. He then traveled on his own throughout Central America, fueling his passion for Latin American history studies and the Spanish language. After college, he bought a one-way plane ticket and gave away most of his belongings to work for Costa Rica Outward Bound, where he led expeditionary courses with student groups all over the country backpacking, surfing, and rafting.

During his time in Costa Rica, he fell head over heels in love with the concept of using the bicycle as a tool for traveling and started guiding cycling trips across Central America. Not long after, he joined a team to help guide 45 people from all over the world on a trans-continental cycling journey all the way down South America. Inspired by the landscapes and the humility of Latin American people, he started his own bike travel company and now takes curious travelers on cycling trips throughout Central and South America. From the beginning, the business was designed to support a community development program in rural Nicaragua that partners with local NGOs and mobilizes their communities through the power of bicycles.