Briana Bellamy

Himalayan Studies Semester Instructor

B.A. Anthropology, concentration in Peace & Conflict Studies, Bryn Mawr College

Curiosity, awe, and an immense appreciation for the diversity of human experience inspire Briana’s work in the world. Briana earned a degree in Anthropology, which she considers to be more of a way of life than merely an academic discipline. She deeply believes in the value of human connection, and the profound learning that emerges when we travel through diverse cultures with intention and reflection.
Briana affectionately refers to Nepal as her “man ko ghar” – the home of her heart. She first set foot in Nepal on a study abroad program in 2009, and immediately felt a deep affinity to the culture and the people she met along the way. She returned the following summer to work with a women’s rights organization, and returned a third time with a grant to implement an education project. While there, she worked with organizations dealing with human trafficking, transitional justice, and human rights. She also became involved with an organization that led street children and orphans on reflective journeys through the Himalayas – an experience that deepened her commitment to bring together the power of travel, reflection, and human connection.
While Briana delights in exploring the outdoors and adventuring through new terrains, when all is said and done, there’s nothing she loves more than a cup of coffee, good company, and soul-searching conversation.