Avery Kernan

China & Peru Instructor

B.A. Colorado College, Sociology & Education

Originally from the East Coast, Avery fell in love with the mountains when she spent a semester of high school in Leadville, Colorado engaging in experiential education and intentional community. After her experience in Leadville, she felt inspired to take a leap and participate on a Dragons semester course in Bolivia and Peru before she started school at Colorado College.

At Colorado College, Avery earned a B.A in Sociology and Education. She conducted research on risk-taking, outdoor adventure athletes and their relationship to socioeconomic class. During this time, her love for the mountains and rivers of the Southwest grew. After graduation, she entered the world of Admissions. First, she continued her time at Colorado College as an Admission Counselor getting to know prospective students and helping shape incoming classes.

After that, Avery worked in the Dragons office in Boulder and was elated to lead her first Dragons course the following summer, returning to the Andes & Amazon of Peru. Now Avery has made her way back to Leadville and works during the academic year at the High Mountain Institute. She spends her free time frolicking in the snow, cooking, stretching, and reading. She is thrilled to remain a part of the Dragons community and is honored to introduce students to the world of experiential education.