Ariel Storch

Guatemala Instructor

B.A. in Spanish; M.A. in Contemporary Hispanic Studies with a minor in Intercultural Studies

Ariel was raised in northern New Mexico where she grew to love the mountains. While studying Spanish in both Ecuador and Mexico she discovered that part of learning a language was connecting with people and being exposed to new worldviews.  She believes that our ability to understand and respect different perspectives will create a better world.

Since her first experience in Ecuador, Ariel has returned to Latin America numerous times and spent 2 years living and teaching English in Asia.  She has also taught in a bilingual elementary school and worked as a first year Spanish instructor at Oregon State University.  Ariel spent the past year working with Hispanic women in rural New Mexico to produce a documentary about the traditional food of the region and its role in culture, identity and the environment.

In her free time Ariel loves to explore the world. She can be found climbing, skiing, biking, hiking, traveling or laughing with friends.

“My inspiration for teaching is that knowledge empowers people to be more in control of their own decisions, lives, and thus the future of our world. My teaching attempts to encourage students to critically examine how they fit into the interconnected world in which we live.”