Annie Doran

Brazil Instructor

M.S. Community Economic Development; B.S. Early Childhood Education.

When Annie first visited Northeast Brasil as a student in 2002, she lived in an urban squatters community founded mainly by single mothers.  She quickly formed close bonds with the families, and was struck by their open-hearted, generous spirit and the vibrant traditions they maintain—as well as their lack of resources.

Annie subsequently collaborated with women in the community to develop Fairloom, a non-profit organization that encouraged the local art tradition of bobbin-lace, education, and international exchanges of knowledge and stories. As part of directing Fairloom, she guided transformational experiences for over 60 students and adults from the United States as they worked and lived in this neighborhood.

Annie has traveled extensively throughout Brasil planting on urban and rural soils, cooking with people, making music, dancing, sharing stories, riding up the coast by means of bicycle, and collecting and trading heirloom seeds.

In more recent years, Annie lived mostly in Lewiston, Maine. She focused her community organizing efforts on food justice, youth, and her unique downtown neighborhood–which was over 50 percent African! Annie’s time living near and working with the youth in Lewiston helped her to be more alive–more full of love. She came to truly understand that we are simultaneously students and teachers.