Angelica Calabrese

Madagascar, Mekong, and Senegal Instructor

B.A., Anthropology, Yale University

Angelica’s love of exploration grew from childhood adventures in southern Italy, when she joined her family on excursions into crumbling castles and abandoned archeological digs, hunting for pieces of the past. While she’s still passionate about history, nowadays Angelica prefers to hunt for pieces of the present; she loves traveling, writing, and learning as much as she can about the fascinating world that we live in.

Angelica’s explorations continued in high school, with trips to Costa Rica, Thailand, and Mongolia. These early travels whetted her appetite and left her hungry for more profound experiences. Her freshman year in college, she travelled to a community-based organization in Uganda to work with local youth. This transformative experience inspired a passion for thoughtful experiential education and for international development through local capacity building. A few years later, Angelica merged these two passions by developing an exchange program that created affordable opportunities for high school and college students from Ghana, Togo, and Benin to travel and study in neighboring countries. Angelica spent two years developing programming and curriculum for this exchange program, and has spent over a year living, working, and traveling in West Africa. She has loved returning to West Africa with Dragons, developing relationships new environments and communities in Senegal, Guinea, and The Gambia.

In addition to her work in Africa, Angelica has led student groups in Thailand, Cambodia, India, and on the Appalachian Trail. She has also taught AP English at a semester school in Idaho, and led backpacking and river trips in Idaho, Oregon, and Chile.

She is particularly interested in culture, place, identity, health, sustainable agriculture, and movement and migration, and has written about many of these topics as a freelance journalist and translator. Whenever possible, Angelica loves baking with her homegrown sourdough starter, practicing yoga, hiking, and spending time with her family.