Jordan Educator Proposed Itinerary

At the heart of the Middle East lies Jordan, a breathtaking vision of deserts, mountains and aquamarine seas. This peaceful nation is built on a powerful, progressive monarchy – who has consistently worked to lead the region in peace-building. Here the serenity of a quiet life in the desert invites us to explore proud, welcoming communities surrounded by towering dunes, spectacular mountains and crystal blue skies. It is an inspiring location for investigating the themes of the current Middle East.

Day 1: Madaba Morning breakfast on the streets of Madaba. Orientation and container building activities, introduction to key themes and program structure overview, health and safety briefing, and exploration of Madaba with introduction to the history of the Levant.
Days 2-4: Amman A three day exploration of Amman. Visits to religious sites, government offices, NGOs and press contacts as we travel the modern streets of Amman allow teachers to truly appreciate the confluence of modernity and tradition currently experienced in today’s Middle East.
Day 5: Petra Petra, the ancient stone city of the Nabateans. As we learn about the history of ancient Petra, a crossroads on the trade routes between Asia and Africa, we will simultaneously observe the effects of international tourism on the site and its population.
Days 6-7: Wadi Rum home-stays As we admire the natural beauty of the serene desert environment, we will orient ourselves to local cultural norms before heading off into gender-specific Bedouin home-stays for two nights. The origins of Arab society and culture are said to stem from the deserts of Arabia – time spent with the Bedouin gives us the opportunity to catch a glimpse of a quickly vanishing past and explore the complexity of gender dynamics in rural Jordan.
Day 8: Wadi Rum - Madaba We'll spend the morning at a desert camp near our home-stays wrapping up our course and facilitating a transference session. After lunch, we head back north to Madaba for our closing dinner and final night in Jordan.