Regional Seminars

Dragons Regional Seminars bring together diverse cohorts of global and experiential education professionals for a dynamic group experience and exchange of best practices. Each seminar is designed to move participants through an experiential course life-cycle, while training to the fundamental skills associated with program leadership.

What to expect

Intimate Group Size

Groups are kept small with the intent of providing excellent mentorship, meaningful relationship building, and an experience that resembles a student course progression.

Expert Facilitation

Seminars are facilitated by Dragons most veteran field instructors and administrators who bring a shared mental model for effective practices and engage participants in dynamic activities and workshops directly applicable to their home institutions.

Skills Curriculum

From program and curriculum design, to risk management, facilitation, and community engagement, each seminar provides participants with new skills to effectively lead within the core tenants of global experiential education.

Rejuvenating & Inspiring

Each experience comes to life within the context of inspiring mountains and forests, historic buildings, and local hosts whose mission it is to promote education, wellness, and cross-cultural understanding.

Current Regional Seminars:

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