Lula Zeid

Alumni Ambassador
Photo of Lula Zeid
Madagascar: Island of Diversity
New York City, NY

Hi! My name is Lula Zeid and I am a junior from New York City. I go to the Nightingale Bamford School and I’ve lived most of my life on the Upper East Side, but also have a very strong connection to both the UK and Jordan as that’s where my parents are from. Growing up with both an Arabic and American side to myself has taught me things about culture and identity that I didn’t think I could learn anywhere else. But the 6 weeks I spent in Madagascar with Dragons showed me otherwise as the bonds I made with both the country and the people I met along the way are unparalleled to anything in my life. Dragons has taught me to be a traveler, along with my other passions lacrosse and social justice and I am so excited to extend my relationship with this organization beyond the summer and help provide people with the same life-changing and magical experience I had this July.