Danielle Mullings

Alumni Ambassador
Photo of Danielle Mullings
South America Semester: Andes and Amazon
Kingston, Jamaica

Wah Gwaan? What’s up? ¿Qué Pasa?

My name is Danielle Mullings and I am from Kingston, Jamaica.

I am an alumnus of the Spring Andes and the Amazon gap semester! I love using principles of integrity and innovation to redefine and recreate spaces I enter. Along with a passion for people, creativity and doing the Jamaican flairy dance (search this on YouTube, you’ll love it), I specialize in software development, documentary production and motivational speaking. I do everything from WordPress Development to traveling around the island to conduct interviews to entering hackathons to climate change documentaries. I have a bit of a fascination and love for the Sustainable Development Goals and through my organization, The Service Project I’ve encouraged awareness, action and youth leadership for the goals in Jamaica. Above all, I believe in leading change through inspiration, authenticity and love.

Feel free to contact me with any burning questions about the Dragons experience, especially for international students! I’d be happy to speak with you 😊

P.S. Check out Cochaboombop – a documentary I did for my ISP in Bolivia.