Hemant Kumar Tiwari

Princeton Bridge Year On-Site Director, India

M.Sc. & B.Sc. in Yoga (Theory & Practice) from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana University

Hemant was born in a devoted Hindu family and grew up on the sacred bank of river Ganges (Ganga-ji) in Varanasi. At a very early age Hemant developed a keen interest in Yoga and at 8 years old met his teacher and mentor who would come to work with him for the rest of his life. Through yoga, Hemant’s life opened into a unique lifestyle and initial training by his parents (his mother, Rani Tiwari, and his father, Man Mohan Tiwari). He also studied yoga from many Gurus (teachers) and traditions. In search of the meaning of life, at the age of 14, Hemant moved to an orphanage called Bal ashram and met his spiritual teacher, Baba Harihar ram ji. Here, Hemant was initiated and learned, as well as served, for 5 years in the ashram community. In the meantime, he finished high school and senior secondary school and moved to Bangalore in the southern part of India to pursue full time graduate and post-graduate course work in yoga. Having completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in yoga, he moved back to Varanasi, where he came into contact with the Dragons program. Hemant has been working with Dragons since 2011 and has worked with Princeton Bridge Year Program, summer, semester, and school partnership courses in India, Nepal, Bolivia, and Peru. Over this time, he has developed a profound love for working with students, teaching, and sharing his experiences with them. Hemant cherishes opportunities to learn every day through chance encounters and shared experience with all kinds of people along the journey.