Richard Brown

Guatemala Instructor

B.A., Anthropology – Columbia University, 2010

Diploma Superior, Migration Studies – Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO), 2020

Rich is a multimedia journalist and translator who’s been based in Guatemala since 2013. He works with Guatemalan media platforms like, the country’s leading digital-native news outlet, and the EntreMundos human rights magazine. He also translates legal and press documents for Amnesty International and the DC Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition.

He covers issues like migration, climate change, and land and water conflict, with a focus on Indigenous perspectives. Rich also leads Dragons programs in Guatemala to introduce students to inspiring communities, and he brings Central American perspectives to U.S. classrooms in speaking tours about the causes of immigration from the region.

He recently founded the Dragons Forum on Migration, an interactive Immigration Studies program that facilitates conversations between U.S. classrooms and the people at the center of today’s immigration headlines: migrating families, activists, experts, and government decision makers.

He grew up (mostly) in northern Virginia and has traveled widely in the U.S. and abroad. He was born in South Africa and has lived in Belgium, France, Estonia, Egypt, and Guatemala, as well as Appalachia, VA, Taos, NM, Arcosanti, AZ, and New York City. His happy place is floating on a river, admiring birds, tracks, and trees. He sees the present as the past in action.