Fernanda Siles

Latin America Instructor

B.A in Sociology by the Central American University (UCA, Nicaragua).

Fernanda is going to be an instructor for the Summer program in Nicaragua for the first time. She has worked on social research since 2010, in topics such as political participation, social exclusion and feminism, especially in rural areas of her country. She’s as passionate for popular education as she is for art. These passions drove her to study Theater of the Oppressed in Guatemala with the Central American Network of Theater of the Oppressed in 2012. Ever since, Fernanda has worked- independently and collectively- facilitating creative learning experiences that stimulate individual and social transformation.

The use of art as a tool for social change has allowed Fernanda to connect with the experiences of very diverse groups in Central America: young people, people with disabilities, people with HIV, women of different ages, international students. She believes we are all creative actors of our own lives, and finds infinite pleasure in accompanying people in getting in touch with their potential to create art, and foremost, their own lives. In 2015, Fernanda was part of a pioneer experience in Nicaragua, which used community art as a research method on gender-based violence. This research was launched by the Nicaraguan section of the Latin American Network of Play (Relajo). Fernanda was also one of the organizers of the IV Latin American Festival of Theater of the Oppressed, which took place in January 2016. The Festival gathered over 300 people from 23 countries including Germany, Spain, Canada, and the U.S.

Though this will be Fernanda’s first program, her love for travel and movement has already prepared her not to fear going where there be Dragons.