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Our alumni are the heart of the Dragons community.

Our alumni are a core part of our community and over 6,000 students have participated in Dragons programs since we began our work twenty-seven years ago. Alumni are at the heart of our community and we feel honored to have worked with extraordinary students such as you! Dragons Alumni Ambassadors wear many hats. Broadly they serve as a resource for prospective students, help us spread the word about Dragons and provide feedback to us on our mission, curriculum, new directions and messaging. We have two tracks alumni can follow as ambassadors:

Our General Ambassadorship track is flexible. These ambassadors set their own expectations and can commit as much time as they would like. There is the opportunity to take on various projects and assignments with the opportunity to win Dragons gear.

Our Intern Ambassadorship track requires more of a time commitment, and involves specialized and more intensive internship roles in the following areas: Dragons Fund; Social Media; and Outreach & Brand Stewardship.  We provide a Boulder-based training (all expenses covered for our intern Ambassadors) You will receive guided mentorship for the duration of the program. Intern ambassadors can also earn Dragons branded gear for taking on various projects.

If you’d like to stay active in the Dragons community and become an alumni ambassador, we encourage you to apply! The time commitment for our General Ambassadors is up to you, but for our Intern Ambassadors a minimum of 40 hours over the season is required. Regardless, be sure to review our Alumni Ambassador Expectations & Role Descriptions first. Applications are due September 1st and Ambassadors are selected by September 15th.


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