Core Values

The world is an increasingly online, fast-paced, and complicated place.

Difficult questions confront us today that require us to sit and slow down. At Dragons, we go to the edge of the map because we see value in accessing rarely-visited places, and rarely-heard narratives of breathtaking beauty and raw reality. We believe that an unplugged experience, in an unfamiliar place of cultural and natural beauty, can help participants find their breath. We believe in the power of storytelling and that a personal account will be most impactful when heard in the voice, language, and perspective of a host mother, a community elder, a spiritual leader, or a local mentor. As instructors, we address fundamental questions around human nature and our role and responsibility as engaged human beings in a fragile and complex natural and socio-economic landscape. And while we’re serious about what we do, we also don’t take ourselves too seriously: we recognize the value of unstructured play and downtime—be that a frisbee tossed across the Himalayan lowlands or floating over a techni-colored coral reef in Indonesia. Ultimately, we believe that more than photos, it’s perspective shifts earned from critical reflection that we take home to embody, cherish, and share.

There’s been a growing dialogue about the value of an education in the 21st century. Students and educators are increasingly asking for concrete sets of “global competencies” and leadership skills before they join the workforce. In our experience, it’s hard to gain these skills in a traditional classroom alone. Dragons offers an alternative approach. We can’t predict exactly what skills you’ll need to succeed in your future, but we’re willing to hedge our bets that a foreign language, a well-worn passport, and a healthy dose of life experience will serve you well. 

There are three core values at the heart of every Dragons program.

Profound travel experiences often provide a strong mirror for the lives we live at home. Dragons instructors are prepared to guide reflective conversations, helping students to better understand themselves and to realize their full potential. Dragons Core Values are at the center of this self-discovery process.
On course, students should expect to build critical skills in:

Global Citizenship Education

Global Citizenship

Connect across cultures to discover the world, and your place within it.

Icon - Self Exploration


Ask questions to learn more about your values.

Icon - Leadership


Find your voice among a new group of peers. Gain confidence as a responsible, self reliant traveler.

Dragons core values are integrated into daily life on course. Whether you’re asked to book bus tickets for the group or translate from Spanish to English during a speaker presentation, you’ll be offered daily opportunities to develop new skills and strengthen your abilities as a leader and a global citizen.

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