Tashi Hadekel

Himalaya Instructor

Tashi spent the earlier years of his life as a monk in the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat sect) of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  Tashi lived as a monk in Dharamsala for a number of years, before ultimately deciding to leave the monastery to pursue English language studies.

Tashi met his wife in Dharamsala, with whom he currently lives in Ithaca, NY.  Tashi loves meeting people from different countries and cultures wherever he goes, and he is passionate about sharing his personal life experience as a Tibetan in exile.  He speaks both Amdo and Lhasa Tibetan dialects, English, and some Hindi.  Tashi loves nature photography and everything related to film, and he dreams of being an actor and documentary filmmaker one day.  He also loves biking, singing, hip hop and breakdancing.

People say his momos (Tibetan dumplings) are the best in the world!