Somsanid Inthongsai

Laos Instructor

Somsanid is inspired by the culture, people, and nature of Laos and this inspiration is the fuel for his work with Dragons.  He has intimate knowledge of all corners of Laos from extensive domestic travel during his youth.  His deep connection with the tropical jungles of his homeland and the wisdom of jungle survival come from his days as a surveyor when he worked in the bush for months at a time.  Later, teaching became his outlet to express his gratitude for nature and culture, working as a trekking guide for 4 years.  With a Higher Diploma (3 year course) in English he was able to mentor and guide foreigners through the wild territories of the Laos backcountry.  Somsanid has worked as a Dragons instructor since 2010.  His dream is to work towards a better Laos and believes that education is the most powerful tool.