Sheila Sun

China Instructor

B.A., Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Sichuan University

M.A., Educational Leadership and Management, University of Nottingham

Sheila was born in a small village in Sichuan, and spent her childhood there. She is fluent in two Sichuan dialects, Mandarin and English. Sheila has lived in 7 different cities in 4 different countries, and she has done Chinese language and culture teaching, cross-cultural communication, teacher training and school culture development. She has taught students from all over the world and is excellent at understanding and communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds as well as facilitating experiential learning.
Sheila has great interest in traveling, blogging – over 154,000 hits on her blog, cooking, teaching, learning, as well as doing outdoor adventurous activities. She is eager to share her culture, her understanding of cultural difference, and to take Dragons students to different parts of China for an authentic experience.

After working on four Dragons summer and semester programs, Sheila completed her master’s in Educational Leadership and Management, and returned to Dragons and led three more programs in 2014 and will continue to lead this summer. She currently resides in Calgary, Canada and is involved in work helping immigrants settling down in Calgary.