Liz Yoder

Latin America Instructor

B.A in Chemistry, Earlham College

Liz began working with Dragons in the fall of 2011 leading Andes and Amazon. She was first immersed in Latin American culture at the age of four when she moved with her family to Bolivia. She spent her teen years living in Mexico. While living in both Bolivia and Mexico she was fortunate to travel widely through Central and South America. Her love for connecting with people and learning new perspectives has grown through her travels and experiences.

Liz is passionate about working in experiential settings where she believes self-growth and meaningful learning happen seamlessly. Before Dragons, she had worked at Spanish immersion camp Concordia Language Villages in MN, led canoeing trips with Outward Bound, and led semester trips through her Alma Mater in New Zealand. She prides her facilitations skills in allowing the experience or place to teach for itself, while challenging participants and creating space for reflection.

 Recently, Liz has settled in Ohio where she works with the local Guatemalan immigrant community. Her ability to lead longer courses with Dragons is difficult with a full time job, but she relishes the opportunity to work with Custom Courses engaging students and educators.

Liz loves the outdoors, gardening, carpentry, and spending time with her husband and dog.


“A mind, once expanded by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions”. –  Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.