Kate Abraham

Andes and Amazon, United States Instructor
B.S. Geography for Physical Environment, GIS, and Cartography, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, WI

As a child growing up in Wisconsin, Kate (she/her) dreamed of becoming a teacher, a traveler, or a dentist. Many years later she is proud to say she found a way to combine the former two while still maintaining an undiminished passion for teeth brushing.

Kate started her career working with students in the summer camp realm. This soon turned into leading backpacking and canoeing wilderness expeditions with students, where Kate started to deeply appreciate challenge, unfamiliarity, and the growth that these provide. Broadening her own horizon, Kate began instructing international courses and semesters. With the phenomenal backdrops of wilderness and international locations, Kate gets to lean into the most precious aspects of these travels: human connection.

Kate is passionate about curiosity. She considers herself a tinkerer, in a great way. She is always interested in learning or trying something new. She loves the human experience and believes you must get your hands dirty to live. In Kate’s downtime she enjoys cooking, gardening, exploring outdoors, impromptu dancing, yoga, chatting, laughing, and being borderline too enthusiastic about nearly everything.