Joseph Vincent

China Instructor

B.A. Reed College, Chinese Literature and Language
M.A. National Taiwan University, Chinese Literature

Joseph first began learning Chinese at the age of sixteen when he moved to Taiwan for a year as a rotary exchange student. He continued to learn about Chinese literature, history, art, and religion as a Chinese major at Reed College, where he translated and analyzed a 17th century Chinese fashion manual for his senior thesis. Since his initial year abroad in Taipei, Joseph has also returned to Taiwan and China several times as a teacher, translator, and student. Currently, he is pursuing his master’s degree in Chinese literature at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan, focusing on literature of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties.

When not in the library, he enjoys hiking, biking, drinking tea, relaxing at hot springs, and trying new food. When he is neither relaxing nor studying, he polishes his translation of a Chinese official’s travel diary from a tour of Taiwan in the 1850s. Joseph and his advisor received a grant from Reed College to complete this extensive project, and the translations are set to be collaboratively published next year. Joseph comes to Dragons after two years working at the Chinese summer program for the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy, where he worked as a resident advisor and dorm head.