Jiling Lin

China Instructor

M.S.O.M. Classical Chinese Medicine (in progress), National University of Natural Medicine
B.A. Art, University of California in Los Angeles

Jiling is a first generation Taiwanese-American who spent the first year of her life in Taiwan, moved to the USA with her family, then grew up outside of Los Angeles, navigating between speaking only English at school, only Chinese at home, camping every weekend in the desert, and urban wild-crafting fallen fruit. At UCLA, she studied Art specializing in photojournalism, then journeyed around the USA and Asia for the next ten years of her life, studying traditional healing modalities and teaching a variety of topics, including wilderness skills, herbalism, English, yoga, and movement improvisation. In China, Jiling led trips for international school students in Guangzhou province, taught yoga in Shanghai, and then taught English and studied Chinese medicine, qigong, and dance in Taiwan.

Jiling’s currently pursuing her Master’s degree in classical Chinese medicine in Portland, OR, which includes acupuncture, herbs, bodywork, various other modalities, and the continued study of various Chinese classical texts. As a western herbalist, Jiling sees herbal clients, volunteers as an herbal first aid medic, creates and sells wild-crafted products, writes articles for various publications, and teaches at workshops across the country. Jiling loves hiking and backpacking, river-tracing, botanizing, dancing, photography, and co-creating resilient communities via empowering individuals through experiential education, accessible healthcare, learning and sharing traditional skills, growing food, regenerative design, and community celebrations.