Jacky Li

Guatemala and China Course Director

B.A. with honors, Finance and Business Administration, Richard Ivey School of Business, Canada

Having instructed courses all over China and Southeast Asia, Jacky brings a vast amount of infield experience to the Latin America region. A place he once called home, Jacky professes that Spanish is the language whispered in the depth of his heart. He was leading hikes as a volunteer trekking guide in Guatemala when he first worked with Dragons groups. Since then he has found a calling through facilitating profound, transformational experiences for students. An advocate of experiential education and a student at heart himself, Jacky shares this enthusiasm for learning with his students through the multitude of experiences that shapes a Dragons course.

Jacky was raised on four continents. The skills cultivated during his youth to thrive in changes laid the foundation for his adult life. After a brief stint in investment banking, he began to actively recalibrate his life’s compass. For the last five years Jacky has been living as a nomad. His spontaneous, expansive nature impels him to explore the world through the full spectrum of human experiences. He has been an animal rescuer, temporary monk, natural builder, yoga teacher, vegetarian kitchen manager, equestrian show secretary, English teacher, holistic healer, and dabbled in many other unconventional episodes. While mostly residing in sustainable and spiritual communities worldwide, a yearning to realize harmony with all beings gradually emerged as the directive to his pursuits. A dedicated yogi and photographer, Jacky welcomes each day with open arms and a big wide grin. As a faithful believer in spirit, he inquires inwards and studies the timeless teachings of ancient wisdoms.

In his daily flow, Jacky finds satisfaction in slow mornings with whole food, walking barefoot in nature, savoring a cup of tea, competing passionately in basketball, dancing under the stars, and simply having a good laugh with people. With a heart filled with gratitude, Jacky aspires to share his inner joy and love with everyone he meets. He is delighted to be joined by others on this journey – where the sense of wonder comes alive.

“Right education should help the student, not only to develop his capacities, but to understand his own highest interest.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti