Erick Torres

Central America Instructor

B.A. Publicity, San Carlos University, Guatemala

Erick is a Guatemala City native who began traveling around Guatemala in 2009 after studying publicity in San Carlos University. He is now a Permaculturist and environmental awareness activist who has devoted himself to learning about the countryside, the culture where his roots are traced back to. Erick traveled to Oslo, Norway for a Youth Camp and then to Tanzania to develop his own Recycling and Environmental Awareness Program in a Primary School. During this time he was able to share ideas and experiences with people from all over the world. Throughout his journeys abroad and within Guatemala he has realized the value of preserving ancestral knowledge, practices and customs. He has also come to recognize how a deep understanding of the natural world can help us live harmoniously with it. These experiences have opened his mind to a new concept of life and the world. Erick’s passion for environmental justice led him to study at the Institute of Mesoamerican Permaculture located on lake Atitlán, where he now works.

He currently organizes the school garden project with indigenous kids in the community of Pachitulul, San Lucas Tolíman. He´s also involved with coordinating and facilitating Permaculture courses for groups of women, farmers and teenagers. He spends his free time working in the garden, climbing mountains and reading.