Ellery Rosin

Staffing Director

B.S. Culture, Health, and the Environment; University of Michigan

Being pulled out of school as a child to go on field trips with her father’s biodiversity classes, Ellery learned the value of experiential education and travel at an early age. She has been working in travel, adventure, and education since before she graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Culture, Health, and the Environment. Before transitioning to working in staffing, Ellery led and managed international experiential education programs in five countries and spent two years in Ethiopia as a Peace Corps volunteer in the environment sector.

In her role as Staffing Director, Ellery works to find and support the incredible instructors who make Dragons programs what they are. She is deeply committed to continually making field work more sustainable, equitable, and fulfilling for the remarkable individuals who make up the Dragons community.

Ellery’s favorite part of travel is exploring local markets, tasting new food, and participating in cultural exchange by sharing recipes. When she’s not traveling, Ellery can be found tending to her balcony garden, playing ultimate frisbee, and trying to improve her sourdough technique.