Dieter Mackenbach

China Instructor

Education: BA, Reed College, Anthropology
Culinary Degree, International Culinary Center

Dieter has lived in China and Taiwan for five years as a student, traveler, and educator. After beginning his Chinese studies in Taipei, he completed a chef’s training at the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine and began exploring culinary traditions from around the Chinese-speaking world. Since then, he has worked in food tourism in Chengdu and culinary education in Beijing. Dieter runs a social media project called “Chinese Plating” focused on documenting archival culinary texts from the Reform and Opening period in China (1980’s-1990’s). Having studied Anthropology in college, Dieter is excited to explore the social, political, and ecological complexities of local and global foodways with students. Beyond cooking and eating, Dieter loves to engage others in conversations about how what we eat can serve as a starting point for thinking through subjects such as identity and history. Dieter also has a passion for tea, ceramics, and hiking.