Caleb Brooks

Southeast Asia Instructor

B.S. Religion and Social Work, University of the Cumberlands, 2005.

MSc Community Wellbeing in Disaster and Development, Northumbria University, 2011

Caleb first traveled to Southeast Asia as a volunteer in 2003. From 2006-2008 he lived in Cambodia’s Kandal province while working at a wonderful NGO focusing on education, health, and water quality. His outlook was permanently altered by the kindness of villagers, mango milkshakes, and the annual resurrection of the rice and the river.

The next few years found him popping up at various and sundry spots around the globe: riding the Trans-Mongolian from Beijing to Moscow, hiking in the Andes, sheepherding in Montana, organic farming Down Under, and pedicabbing back at home in Kentucky.

Caleb tried hard to approach all that disparate stuff as a learner. Sensing that all this education could use a little formalization, he decided to sit in a classroom again in Northeast England to complete a graduate degree. Following that, he moved down to West Africa and wrote a thesis on post-conflict development in Liberia while teaching Art and Social Studies at the American International School of Monrovia.

Caleb hails from the river town of Louisville, Kentucky, and hasn’t strayed far from those riparian roots in his work as an instructor. Leading summer trips in Cambodia and spending fall semesters plying the Mekong with America’s best and brightest gap year students. He’s recently added Indonesia’s vast archipelago and bits and bobs of its multisyllabic bahasa to his experiential scrapbook.

He can’t get enough of poems by Jack Gilbert, Paulo Freire’s ideas about education, David Foster Wallace essays, Terrence Malick films, and logotherapy. He follows Kentucky Wildcats basketball with a fervor he is sometimes ashamed to admit and is a real sucker for a game of ultimate frisbee.