Ashley Kaplan

Latin America Instructor

Ashley completed a BA with honors in Psychology at Roanoke College.

She is currently completing a Masters in International and Multicultural Education at the University of San Francisco with an emphasis on Human Rights Education.  Ashley has a passion for learning and exploring the diverse world in which we live.  She has worked, volunteered and studied in Africa, South America, Europe and the Caribbean.  Ashley served as a Peace Corps volunteer in a remote Andean village of Peru helping to organize grassroots community development projects with local governments and international NGOs. She is an avid hiker and backpacker and has traversed the Andes from the southern tip of Patagonia crisscrossing the majestic landscapes of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru.  During the school year Ashley can be found at her home in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Both at home and abroad Ashley’s heart, head, and hands are committed to social justice work.  She loves working with high school youth at a small, innovative high school in Oakland which is connected to a national network of schools striving to transform public education in America.  In her free time, Ashley can be found hiking, biking, backpacking, running or aspiring to be a photographer.  Ashley believes that our lived experience provides an invaluable education and enjoys sharing the beauty of international solidarity and global citizenship with Dragons students.