Sacred Valley

A 10-Day Adventure for Adults

10 Days

Celebrate Peru: Walk ancient pilgrimage paths, learn from local healers and community leaders, and visit active archaeological sites amongst the breathtaking peaks of the Andes.


May 18 - May 27, 2020

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Sacred Valley

Program Overview

The mountains of southern Peru are home to some of the highest peaks and greatest biological diversity in the Americas.  

They are also home to the hemisphere’s oldest continuously inhabited city, Cusco, which was considered the navel of the Incan empire of Tawantinsuyu.  Just outside of Cusco, along the honored Vilcanota and Urubamba rivers, runs the Sacred Valley, where many of the Inca’s most important cities and agricultural lands existed.  Here resides both a historic and a living culture, where mountain traditions mix, and sometimes clash, with modern Peruvian life.

Program Highlights

  • Delve into environmental issues through site visits and discussions pertaining to agricultural diversity and climate change.
  • Journey by foot along antiquated path with breathtaking views of lakes and waterfalls.
  • Stay with a family of Incan descendants in the village of Paru Paru, an off-the-tourist path community in the Sacred Valley.
  • Explore your own living connection with the earth through ceremonies facilitated by renowned wisdom keepers  from the Queros nation.
  • Learn basic phrases in Quechua  through interactive classes and excursions.
Sample Itinerary

Program Components

Comparative Religion

Gain insight into Andean cultural and religious worldview, walk ancient pilgrimage paths, and take part in traditional Q-eros ceremonies

Development Studies

Engage with issues in resource management, modernization and globalization, indigenous movements and political representation, urbanization and rural poverty, environmental conservation, and community and sustainable development.

Focus Of Inquiry

Delve into environmental issues through site visits and discussions pertaining to Andean agricultural diversity and climate change.


Above the Sacred Valley, spend three days in Parque de la Papa staying with local families

Independent Study Project (ISP)

Engage in workshops in traditional textile weaving, medicinal plants, and Andean spirituality.

Language Study

Learn basic Spanish language skills and have countless opportunities to practice with locals

Learning Service

Assist homestay families in their fields

Ethical Travel

Dragons participants are travelers not tourists. We respect cultural norms by staying in family-owned accommodations and taking local transportation when possible. The most profound learning moments often arise in the spaces in between, and traveling alongside locals creates space for un-orchestrated moments of engagement.

Day Hiking

On any program you choose, you can expect that Dragons instructors will guide you into the wilderness, exposing you to the pristine beauty of nature, undisturbed by the advances of modern development.