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“Dragons demonstrates, at every level, a profound commitment to creating the very best student experience abroad. The caliber of their on-site staff, their tireless attention to risk management, and their truly innovative approach to experiential learning make them a valued program partner.”

-John Luria

Director of Bridge Year Program, Princeton University

“We have worked with Dragons to support a faculty-led research seminar in Guatemala since 2006. The Dragons instructor provided a complementary role by bringing experiential pedagogy to help students reflect and process their experiences, as well as solid training in risk management and a depth of experience on the ground. From what I’ve seen, Dragons instructors have a balanced skill-set and a knack for connecting with students, and working well in dynamic leadership teams, which makes them a valuable resource on any study abroad program.”

-Helena Kaufman

Director of Off-Campus Studies, Carleton College

“I am still in awe of what the Dragons experience was able to draw out of me in just two short weeks. What I imagined would be a powerful professional development experience actually turned out to be infinitely more than that. It was a magical, mystical opportunity to connect with myself, with others, and with a place in a way I never had before. I am motivated to carry this way of being with me as I transition back to life outside of Dragons.”

-Kelsey Turner

Spartanburg Day School

“Our program in Cambodia offered access to people and places I could not have otherwise experienced. Each day we engaged in meaningful human connections and profound experiences that changed the way we will talk about Global Studies. Overall, the program was a great success, and one of the best professional experiences of my life.”

-David Medvitz

Technology Education, Pingree School

“Dragons facilitators came with expertise and experience derived from countless student days in the field. They shared valuable models and tools that our teachers will be able to directly employ in their work with students both off-campus and in the classroom, and provided ample space to engage the content through guided practice and meaningful dialog. I highly recommend Dragons for faculty professional development in experiential learning, risk management, and leadership skills.”

-Janet Durgin

Head of School, Sonoma Academy

“My Where There Be Dragons Professional Development Seminar was one of the very best events I have attended in 20 years in Education! The 3-day time period was good because one day is never enough time to get comfortable, connect, trust and share with others. Your skills for enabling all that to happen are noteworthy! Most seminars & conferences are ‘elevated’ lectures that talk at the audience — yours served the participants!”

-Linda B May

Learning Across Borders Program
Coordinator & Faculty Coordinator for Professional Development, Spence School

We initially partnered with DRagons to run a comparative religion and trekking program in Sikkim in 2011. This year, we are building a program in Myanmar focused on literature and immigration. The expansive nature of their curriculum and the veteran experience of their instructors have helped us provide breakthrough learning for students that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. I’m committed to Dragons as a go-to partner for providing the highest quality and safest programming abroad.

-Cris Harris

Director – Writing Center, Outdoors Leadership Program, Hawken School

I worked with Dragons to plan a course to Guatemala for 7th and 8th grade boys focused on language study and cultural immersion. I was pleased by the planning process and found Dragons easy to work with with. They understood my desire for appropriate programing for middles school and created a dynamic yet balanced itinerary for us. The leadership thrilled me during the trip as well – we had three Dragons instructors and three school chaperones, which was phenomenal. I’ve traveled to five countries with four international companies and would only recommend Dragons – I felt like we had great support, were safe, and had an authentic experience that many students would not be able to replicate when traveling with their families. Also, there were no hidden costs or expected tips, which I’ve experienced with other companies.

-Sarah Roggero

Spanish Teacher, Cathedral School for Boys

Our Dragons instructors were incredible. They were open to suggestions and critique and always kept dDana and me in the loop. I felt out communication was strong before and during the course. They empowered and supported us and also adapted extremely well to changes in schedule and came up with new plans on the fly. We could rely on them to think through the best options for the students and communicate that to us and ask for input when we had any to give. They also were knowledgeable and placed primary concern on kids’ health and safety. They did this in a wonderful way that never made the kids feel uncomfortable. I really do not think Dragons could do anything to improve in the area of leadership.

-Kris Schulte

History Teacher, The Lawrenceville School

“My instructor’s commitment to this work is actually life-changing for me. I am so moved by the way she walks the walk and am motivated to embody this type of authenticity in my own work and life. I am excited to continue to build my own skill set now that I have an amazing example to follow.”

-Michelle Mazzeo

Sonoma State University

“I was given space to share everyday- both personally and professionally- and I was always embraced and thanked after doing so. I feel so grateful that the instructors were able to create a space where vulnerability and openness were encouraged and welcomed.”

-Kyra Jenney

Choate Rosemary Hall

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