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Andes & Amazon Program House: Tiquipaya, Bolivia

The Andes & Amazon Program House is situated on an organic farm in the agricultural community of Tiquipaya, about 30 minutes west of the city of Cochabamba. Tucked up against the eastern flank of the Andes mountains in the heart of Bolivia, Tiquipaya is an ideal place to settle into an intimate local community with the many resources provided by the bustling city of Cochabamba at our fingertips. The program house itself is surrounded by eucalyptus and fruit trees, the sounds of birdsong, and several acres of organic vegetable production run by a local family that shares the property. The farm, called “Granja Pollen,” also produces homemade cheese and yogurt and includes a soccer field for regular pick-up games with the local community.

Our homestays are almost all within walking distance from the farm, made up largely of Quechua families engaged in small-scale agriculture. Our community in Tiquipaya offers meaningful opportunities to integrate into the life of a local family, learn about issues in agriculture and food systems, and gain exposure to a range of guest speakers and Independent Study mentors in Cochabamba. Our local Spanish teachers come to the program house daily for intensive language classes, and the house provides a welcoming space for students to use the well-stocked library, participate in workshops and charlas with guest speakers, and organize a weekly film night or group dinner. The Program House is also where instructors live while students participate in homestays.

Gathering on the farm with families

ISP project at the house

On the farm

Composting toilet we built

Potluck with families on the farm

Program house

Andean ceremony

Spanish classes at the PH