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Why Travel to Peru?

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Kimberly Manning

Peru is an immensely magnificent country that boasts unbelievable history, rich art and culture, dense nature, and generous people. From the historic city of Cusco to the depths of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, this Latin American country is as diverse in its people as it is in its landscapes.

Known to many as the home of Machu Picchu, Peru has been heavily impacted by tourism over the years and locals are working to preserve their culture and traditions. Where There Be Dragons Gap Year and Summer Abroad Programs in Peru are rooted in genuine connections and hands-on learning to dive into the deeper layers of life in Peru. To gain a greater understanding of the Peruvian way of life today and how the generations past have influenced modern culture, students learn through local homestays, intensive language study, trekking, ethical travel, and more. 

As with all Dragons Summer, Gap Year, and study abroad programs, responsible travel is of utmost importance and focus. Students connect with indigenous communities, local activists, and homestay families for a fully immersive experience during travel to Peru. 

3 Reasons to Travel to Peru

Explore natural beauty and stunning landscapes

From the Andes mountains to the Amazonian rainforests, Peru boasts a majestic and diverse landscape. Students visit the base of Apu Ausangate, an honored mountain god of the Incas, travel along the Madre de Dios River, and traverse one of the most biodiverse regions of the world. There is also an opportunity to learn about conservation of Peruvian forests, mountains, and waterways.

Dragons Peru summer abroad is a challenging and rugged program that provides students with an opportunity to gain wilderness and outdoor leadership skills and knowledge. 

Learn about the contemporary Peruvian life

Modern urban centers in Peru contrast with the cultural traditions and people of the region, and many are facing the reality of balancing preservation and globalization. Students will learn about issues related to development and conservation in modern Peru and what local activists are doing to address these changes. While staying with local families, students will gain a deeper understanding of both the challenges and triumphs of modernization in Peru.

Discover the ancient cultures 

Visit the Lost City of Machu Picchu, journey through the Sacred Valley, and walk through the enchanting streets of historic Cusco. Travel programs in Peru offer access for students to learn in remote villages like Nación Q’eros and Parque de la Papa to learn from indigenous cultures seeking to preserve and share their culture, language, and traditional wisdom. The Sacred Valley of the Inca, which sits between the towering Vilcabamba mountain range in Cusco, is known for its fertile land and stark juxtapositions of past and present life.

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