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I Need You to Know

My time spent in China was not wasted and I don’t regret a moment. I have built memories, relationships, and values that I will carry with me for as long as I can. In these months I have come to value and appreciate a more simple life, more than that the immense feeling of community in small and large ways that we have seen throughout our travels. I have learned that communities like this can exist anywhere, but it does not come naturally – it is built with understanding, perseverance, and love. When I return I hope to continue to build and make use of the skills I have focused on through our trip: relationship building, self awareness, and leadership. These months have been a real adventure, and know that this trip hasn’t changed me, but I have grown. I can’t wait to come back to spend some time with everyone and share stories of our adventures, then we can embark on some of our own. Love you all. ***** Going to China was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and these past few months were some of the most enjoyable in my life. The perspectives, knowledge, and relationships I’ve gained are priceless in value. When I return to the states I hope to apply these new perspectives to my daily life and continue pursuing new found passions I have discovered here in China. In such a short amount of time, I have discovered paths, opportunities, and contacts that open up a whole new world of possibilities for my future that I had never seriously considered before this trip. I hope that my Chinese and interest in China will remain adamant through college and into my professional career as I utilize new found skills and abilities gained over the trip. These past three months have been some of the most memorable, and I hope to cherish the relationships and memories I have accumulated over the course of the trip as I return home. Thank you Mom and Dad for supporting me on this journey, it was worth it and so much more. ***** …that despite the expectation that I will have a lot to say, I don’t yet. As of this writing, I haven’t even left China yet. I am not full of pent-up things waiting to be shared, or things that I “need” others to know right now. I have had a great time here and I am more than happy to answer questions, but I most likely won’t initiate conversations about my experience here unless I am asked. That said, I need you to know that I have missed all of you and I am excited to see everyone soon. ***** I want to improve myself. I really like China. I want genuine relationships with the people I know. I want to enjoy home more. I hope I have changed as a person. I will be more appreciative of what I have. I will reconsider my ambitions. I will try to understand your thoughts no matter how little they reconcile with mine. I want to take an interest in you. I miss you. The U.S. seems boring to me now. ***** I am so grateful to have grown up in such a loving and supportive environment. I would like to thank my mom especially for being the most stubborn, strong minded and down to earth person I know. You are my rock and my inspiration; I would be a completely different person if it weren’t for all the advice and help you’ve given me throughout the past 19 years. At times we get into arguments, but I mostly think you’ve passed your wits onto me (not complaining) and I don’t say how much I appreciate and respect you. As for my Dad, thank you for being such a hard working yet loving individual, your dedication and determination is truly an inspiration. I appreciate you both for raising such a beautiful family. After being away from home this past year for school then dragons I’ve had the opportunity to grow as an individual and I can’t go without saying I miss being little. You made life so easy, and words can’t express how grateful I am for that. I know this summer will go back to things being unsaid and we will all grow annoyed with each other but for now I’m happy to say I miss my parents, brothers, and mei mei. See you all really soon. ***** Read More Yaks of Week [post_title] => YAK OF THE WEEK: I Need You to Know [post_excerpt] => We are enjoying our last full day in China, at a village by the Great Wall. We hiked a ‘wild’ (not restored) section of the Wall yesterday, and today we are talking about going home – what it means, what to expect, how to make sense of this semester in China. Thank you to all families and friends for your support in making this semester a great success! The following is a collection of responses from all five students, for what they need YOU to know. 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