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The majestic Himalayas. Photo by Kimberly Liu.
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Instagram Takeovers by Dragons Instructors Featuring Photos from Around the World

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Photo by Micah LeMasters, Myanmar.

If you haven’t already seen it, we’ve recently been featuring Dragons instructors and their amazing imagery and words as they take us around the world in what we’re calling our #worldofdragons Instagram Takeovers.

An Instagram takeover, in short, is having a person (or group) takeover Dragons Instagram account temporarily in order to more directly share awesome worldly content with our Dragons community.

Our #worldofdragons Instagram Takeover goals are to:

  1. Highlight our global partners & community through in-the-field perspectives.
  2. Collaborate to share stories with our Alumni students & staff who are hungry to stay engaged with the world and Dragons community.
  3. Share Dragons experiences, culture, and character with new audiences.
  4. Encourage more diversity in perspectives represented by Dragons Instagram account.

Our FIRST #worldofdragons Instagram Takeover was hosted by Micah LeMasters @super_meubles . Micah has been working with Dragons since 2015. He works in Madagascar, Senegal, Indonesia, Nepal and India. He recently spent six weeks traveling in Myanmar and will return this summer with Dragons Myanmar summer abroad program. He grew up in Indiana. 

Our SECOND #worldofdragons Instagram Takeover is still currently being hosted by Gregory Pettys (@gregorypettys ), one of Dragons wonderful Thailand AND Nepal instructors. Here’s some more words of introduction from Gregory:

Photo by Gregory Pettys, Nepal.

“For the next few days it is my great privilege to share with you a window into a part of the world that has become both my home and my office; Nepal and Thailand. I find both of these kingdoms fascinating, inspiring and absolutely filled with magic. I hope to honor these places well by sharing with you images of the people and places here (whom and where alumni students will be familiar with!) that have helped make me who I am today.”

After Gregory, we have Caleb Brooks and Christy Sommers on deck. Follow Dragons on Instagram to watch it all unfold!

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