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Gap Year Travel Programs

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Kimberly Manning

photo of a group of people walking down a path in senegal

Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Senegal

Gap year programs are a year or semester of experiential learning for students to deepen their personal awareness and gain a broader perspective of the world. Typically taken after graduating high school and prior to college, gap year travel programs are ideal for students seeking a break from their regular studies. 

Where There Be Dragons gap year programs are located in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the United States. Our programs offer a unique and transformative experience during which students can develop valuable life skills and explore their interests. Learn about culture, social justice, conservation, language, sustainability, history and community through our three-month or year-long gap year programs. College credit is available for our gap year programs. 

Gap Year Travel Program Benefits

Students looking for non-traditional study right after high school will find gap year travel programs to be beneficial in a myriad of ways. You can expect personal, educational and professional growth. The immersive experience that comes from a gap year program can offer long-term benefits and a refreshed perspective to prepare for adulthood. 

Head to College Feeling Refreshed

A gap year program can help you recover from academic exhaustion and explore your personal interests and passions. It can also help ensure you don’t burnout at the beginning of your college career. Additionally, it’s a helpful alternative for students who may be unsure of the path they want to pursue educationally while still gaining valuable knowledge. A gap year offers the ability to experience independent and hands-on learning through language study, apprenticeships and local homestays.

a group of students posing with a local monk outdoors with brightly colored flags surrounding

Photo by Annika Kendall, Student.

Gain Perspective to Assist in Decision Making 

Leaving your home, friends, family and everyday comforts is a big deal, and for some people it can be quite challenging at first. However, by stepping out of your comfort zone you’re able to overcome challenges and grow as an individual. And with that comes an increased sense of self-confidence and awareness that improves the ability to make decisions for yourself. 

Learn More About Yourself and Your Future Goals

You might discover a hidden passion that you never knew you had or dive deeper into your current interests in a way that’s not possible during your first year in a traditional college setting. Gap year travel programs provide the flexibility and freedom to learn about the world and its diverse cultures without a filter. For many, this insight can’t be found in a book. 

Choosing a major and determining your life goals can be challenging for many people, and sometimes it’s a matter of being unclear about personal wants and needs. An incredible benefit that gap programs can offer is the chance to give yourself extra time to reflect and make those decisions with a clear mind.

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