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Featured Project: REISA – The Network of Independent Educators for Food Sovereignty

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We love to feature the projects that keep our instructors inspired and busy when they aren’t leading Dragons trips. Read on to learn about REISA (which stands for Independent Network of Educator for Food Sovereignty) from Erick Torres, one of Dragons Central America Instructors….

Hello Dear Dragons Community and Friends!

I want to share with you all a project I have been working for the last four years, between Dragons and my time in Central America working with SERES organization. (I have been working with SERES sharing Permaculture and Agroecology intensive courses and workshops for young community leaders from Central America since 2014.)

Now I am working and coordinating a project with four other Guatemalan educators and one from the US, to offer more educational programs to our young people, mostly in Guatemala and El Salvador. We have created REISA, which stands in Spanish for Red de Educadores Independientes por la Soberania Alimentaria or Independent Network of Educator for Food Sovereignty in English.

This project has been created by the need to offer and share safe spaces of environmental and agroecology education for our young people. In this way, they can have tools and alternatives to develop and manage Agro-ecological projects in their communities and generate more opportunities for work, economic income, and environmental awareness. We hope that they won’t leave their communities trying to go to the US. We all know how difficult that situation is and we need those young leaders staying in our countries in order to improve the life of their families and their communities.

I want to invite you all to visit our REISA website, to see what we have done and what we want to do this year. We already start a crowdfunding campaign and I would like to ask you a huge favor, if you could please help us by sharing the project with your family, friends, and coworkers via Facebook and Instagram. We will deeply appreciate it and we will be grateful for your help to aiding us to share more Agroecological education for young community leaders in Central America!

Un abrazo grande! Les deseo lo mejor para el año 2019!

Maltiox Chawe ! Urpillay Sonkollay !
Muchas Gracias! Thanks !

Erick Torres

Head on over to the REISA website for more videos and details on the project. And here’s the crowdfunding campaign if you’d like to financially support this good work!


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