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Featured Article by Psychology Today: Is a Gap Year Good for Your Child’s Mental Health and GPA?

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We love to see research supporting the same conclusions our alumni students and parents have come to. If you’re debating the pros and cons of a Gap Year, we highly recommend this article by Psychology Today.

Here’s an excerpt:  

“Universities are starting to understand the benefits of the gap year and making deferrals easier, even offering their own gap year service experiences. Tufts and Princeton offer tuition-free international service programs. Florida State University, University of North Carolina, and Duke are offering scholarships to make gap years available to students of diverse backgrounds.

“Why should we live with such hurry ….?” Henry David Thoreau wrote in 1846. This is a question we can ask ourselves today in our fast-paced society. The gap year may be a solution for some students to grow socially and emotionally, to gain maturity, or to get a stronger financial footing, so they can achieve success in the college years.”

Read the full article, Is a Gap Year Good for Your Child’s Mental Health and GPA? on Psychology Today.

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