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Announcing: Dragons College Study Abroad Programs

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Cara Lane-Toomey, Director of Study Abroad

There are many ways to be a student and Dragons is constantly exploring new ways to help participants gain concrete sets of global competencies and leadership skills before they join the workforce. We believe it is hard to gain these skills in a traditional classroom alone.

Dragons offers an alternative approach to education, including for university-aged study abroad students.  Since 1993, Dragons has been running dynamic programs around the world. As part of that work, Dragons has been running programs which offer college level for-credit courses since 2001 on our semester programs.


Our approach to College Study Abroad Programs, which take place in China, India, Nepal, and South America (Bolivia/Peru), is to provide high-quality academic experiences in unconventional places. Unlike our gap semesters, the College Study Abroad Programs engage all students in a full-semester credit-load of academically rigorous courses, have visiting faculty members who bring their academic expertise to the experience, and provide a structure for participants to carry out individual research during a block of independent travel at the end of the program.

As with other Dragons programming, our instructors draw on language fluency, personal connections, and place-based expertise to give college students unparalleled engagement with communities. Dragons staff attend to program safety and quality, but are also deeply invested in establishing strong mentor relationships with students. This mentorship supports students as they make meaning out of experiences abroad and has a powerful impact on academic and personal growth.

Want to learn more? Visit our website or flip through our College Study Abroad Catalog below…

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