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Christy Sommer’s Takeover of Dragons Instagram Feed

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Christy Sommers

We are so excited for our current #worldofdragons instagram takeover hosted by a very special and multi-talented member of Dragons community: Christy Sommers. For those who don’t know her, you’re in for a treat. Here’s her introduction and one of her images and captions from the week. Head over to Dragons Instagram feed to see the rest!

“I’m Christy (@talkingcentipede), and I led my first Dragons program nearly a decade ago—the first ever West Africa semester in Senegal and Guinea in the fall of 2008. At the time, I thought it would just be a one-off experience, and that I would then go into the career in international education policy that I had been planning on. Why am I still here? Well, the shortest answer to that question is Liz Connor and Mbouillé Diallo, my co-instructors on that fateful first course. Liz and Mbouillé modeled a life approach centered around building compassion and connection and a deep understanding of the world. Learning alongside our awesome group of students, the course of my life shifted in a new direction. I fell in love with experiential, cross-cultural education as a means of constantly learning about and engaging with some of the most fascinating places in the world. Since then, I’ve worked for Dragons as an instructor on our courses in Senegal, Madagascar, Rwanda, India, and Nepal, and as an administrator in the Dragons office managing programs in those countries.”

Here’s Christy’s fourth posted image and story behind it:

Captioned: “Dragons student Felicia Jing learns how to weave tradition baskets on our course in Rwanda in 2013. Over the course of those 6 weeks, we explored 3 national parks, climbed up a 12,000 foot volcano, gawked at Rwanda’s spectacular wildlife and beautiful vistas, spent time in a rural homestay in my co-instructor’s home village, heard the stories of Congolese refugees, participated in Rwanda’s monthly community work day, visited NGOs working on everything from wildlife conservation to peace and conflict resolution, and so much more. After all of this exploring and learning, there was a lot to reflect on. Each of our students remarked that Rwanda wasn’t like they had expected; there is just so much more nuance than we are able to imagine before we experience a place first-hand. Even my Rwandan co-instructor remarked that working as a Dragons instructor has changed his perceptions and understanding of his own country through facilitating learning for our student groups.” *This is the fourth post of the #worldofdragons takeover by @talkingcentipede.

Head over to Dragons Instagram feed to see more posts by Christy Sommers!

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