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Christy Sommers & Her Goats in Sweaters Featured on NPR!

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“It blends my love of cute things with India and this desire that I have for people to understand the rest of the world better,” Sommers says.

This week, we are celebrating the recognition of Christy Sommers (Dragons South Asia Program Director) and her feature by NPR this week in a piece titled, “Dear Internet: Goats In Sweaters Are Cuter Than Kittens In Mittens.” We encourage you to read the article and see for yourself seven “impossibly cute” photos of goats wearing sweaters!

From the NPR article:

“Christy Sommers, who takes the photos, first noticed the cuteness that is clothed goats in 2010, while living in a village in northwestern Bangladesh as a Fulbright scholar studying rural primary education. Now she considers the project as adding “net happiness” to the world and helping to share a little slice of life from parts of the world that Americans don’t often get to see.”

PS. There’s also a calendar. Sales of which benefit local organizations in Varanasi, India. Sounds like Christy quickly sold out after the NPR feature, but she’s working on a re-print! More details here.

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