Photo by Michael Woodard, Instructor.
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Bridge Year India – Video Update from the Field

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We are loving this video update from the Princeton Bridge Year India 2016-2017 cohort.

“Students share images from a day in the life of a Bridge Year participant in Varanasi, India. From early morning cultural enrichment activities to the daily commute to evening time with host family members, this video captures many of the subtler moments that comprise the Bridge Year experience.”

Visit the Princeton Bridge Year site to view the video!

(Or see all the Bridge Year updates from 2016-2017).

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  1. Brenden Picard |

    “Time is a gift”, something I could not agree more with as on any Dragons course, time is everything. Finding time to get over the jet lag. Finding time to learn the language. Finding time to immerse yourself in the culture. Finding time to finally break out of your comfort zone. And most importantly, finding time to find yourself, your purpose, and your values; because after all, this is what a Dragons course is all about.


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