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2017 Semester Group Reunites in the Netherlands in 2018

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We LOVE IT when we get news (and photos) of Alumni student groups re-uniting in new locations.

Here’s a photo and caption from Jennie Adler (Madagascar/Senegal Semester Fall 2017) in which seven of the original nine students in the group were able to meet up in Amsterdam for a 10-day reunion. She says the best part was just…

…being able to go to sleep and wake up to seeing each others faces once again like we did on our Dragons trip.

Dragons Student Group Reunion in Netherlands

“When we said goodbye in the DC airport no one anticipated that just we were just 7 weeks from the majority of us meeting again at the Schiphol airport in the Netherlands to spend 10 days with each other and explore the city of Amsterdam. People arrived at the airport over the span of three days and as the greeting party increased so did our celebration each time one more of our friends walked through the gates and into our arms. Amsterdam is a great city, with roads that let you wander without getting bored and without feeling that you’re lost even though you’ve come to a dead end twice and have no idea where the bus station is. But the highlight of our trip was not the museums or the canals, (though it might have been biking for Grace); the whole trip was ultimately about being able to go to sleep and wake up to seeing each others faces once again like we did on our Dragons trip. We all went our separate ways when we left, to different states and even different countries, and couldn’t help but wonder if things would be the same upon our reunion. But our time together is a testament to the bond you create on a Dragons program. All together again, our trip was filled with smiles and laughter, as though no time had passed.  This isn’t our last reunion, and I can’t wait to have all of us to be together again by a fire laughing over stories from Temanto Samba and Ranomofana, and to keep that part of ourselves we left in those two countries very much alive.”

Have YOU had a post-course reunion? Send us a photo and caption! We’d love to share it.

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